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This is the land with no name... yet.

I the land for my D&D games as of now.

I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions on things I could do to make it look a lot more... appealing to the eye.

To me it seems Mediocre and I want it to look more professional.

Any ideas on how I can do such a thing?

What I did for this map:

I draw my maps on paper first, starting with pencil and drawing land masses.

Then inking and moving on to forests and mountains.

After that I just see what I need in some places.

This was the map on paper.
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I outlined it in GIMP and then put a photocopied piece of parchment behind the outline.

After that I just used various colors and spray painted on different layers the colors I needed.

The parchment color to give it not a "I'm on a fake piece of paper" look.

The forests, ice, desert (the darkness on the left side) and the mountains.

I drew the little trees and mountains into a brush and sprayed them on.

It so far is just a bunch of sprayed on colors on a small world.

My Problems:

It looks unappealing.

It seems like a small world.

Compared to the rivers and mountain sizes and such everything just looks ... big.

Making the world... either small... or have 12 mile wide rivers...

Any suggestions?