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    Hello there, I'm RoadScholar and joining the boards largely because I'm lousy with rendering maps and tight on time due to my job. I've already been impressed by some of the works I've seen here through my RPG contacts and hope to be able to contribute in non artistic ways. Probably mainly by oohs and aahs, but you never know...

    I'm a sucker for geographic realism in my [seemingly endless] campaign/world creations, so will probably endlessly pester people to pinch designs for scenarios I design.

    Anyway, probably see you around the maps...

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    Heyo RoadScholar!

    Just when I start getting good at 'oohing' and 'ahhing'.. someone comes along and takes my job. Well.. I guess I'll have to move on to actually trying to make maps.

    Welcome to the Cartographers' Guild!

    A man shows who he is, by what he does, with what he has.

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    Heh, sure theres plenty of space for a couple of ooers round here. Anyway, what can I offer...
    I'm pretty good with pre industrial demographics and have a self taught basic knowledge of biomes and what contributes to them. As a primary teacher and old school simulationist I have a head [and several notebooks] full of junk on all sorts of odd topics and love researching oddities [want to know the easiest crops to grow on a west facing karst terrain backed by old mountain upfolds at mid latitudes with a predominantly offshore cold upwelling current? I dont have a clue, but I'll find out].
    I'll probably work up the courage to try a map of two out eventually, but after some of the masterpieces here, I need to get over my inital pencil-envy first...

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