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Thread: Hiraan region of Illistera

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    Wip Hiraan region of Illistera

    Alright so new here. This is my first project posting. Please don't be gentle. I want this to ultimately be an awesome map and I think it's on its way so critique your hearts out! (although I won't decline any praise haha)

    The world is called Illistera and it's approximately Earth sized. 13 months, 4 weeks each, 7 days per week. My D&D campaign is focused on the continent to the left. I think the continent looks like a fetal dragon, so I'm going to point you toward what I deem the "snout." This is the region of the ex-empire of Hiraan (war, rebellion, etc... now several "states").So first the world map:
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Hiraan World Map - Base 11x17 smaller.jpg 
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    And now the regional map as I have it so far.
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	04 rivers.jpg 
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    Am still working on it tonight, but wanted to get something up to hopefully get some input on how it's going so far. I'm roughly following Tear's tutorial, but making several changes along the way. Because who wants to just copy someone else's style and not try new things? You don't get better that way.

    Anyway so... yeah. Would love some C&C as this develops. I have several cities that will need maps after this is done. We'll see if I get to those

    EDIT: Ignore the attachment below. The image above is better. Doesn't have the old light blue rivers that shouldn't be there.
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