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Thread: [WIP] World of Flammarion: The Known World

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    Default [WIP] Flammarion: The Known World

    (I'm not sure if I should keep all my related maps in the same topic or use different ones when they are parallel works. If I should join them up, just give me a heads-up and I'll delete the topic, merge them together and spend some good minutes thinking about what I've done!)

    Hello again!

    Some weeks ago, I made a map for a new setting I'm working on (directly related with this one: Initially it was supposed to be a quick thing intended for a roleplaying campaign I'm currently running, but as ideas started to pile up, I started thinking about making a more detailed version.

    So today I had some spare hours and pressed the "Image Size: 500%" button and started working on it.

    It is still on a very early stage, and I have to admit I'm really new at making properly detailed maps on Photoshop, so any advise or criticism is more than welcomed.

    (click on the image to download the full map. 5mb)

    So far I got the landmasses and some labbels for islands and some important water bodies. The plan is to use an abstract symbology for the features (such as drawing the mountains and key landmarks rather than using a more realistic look), although I'm not sure what would a proper balance be to avoid the map becoming too overloaded/hard to read. Should I draw only the larger features (mountains, hills, forests, etc) and leave stuff such as towns as symbols (dots, stars, etc), or would it be proper to draw some important towns as miniature icons (tiny castles and such) while leaving less important ones as tiny dots? I'm torn between trying to do a very detailed map in terms of information (with every single location labbeled and marked) and testing my hand at doing something more artistic.

    What's your opinion?

    Thanks beforehand for taking your time to check the map!

    Latest Updated Version:

    Click image for larger version. 

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