I've been a member for quite a while, and was watching before that even. But I decided to post now, since I need help with something!
First off, I want to say how great a forum this is, and how helpful it's been!

I've always been interested in Maps, and recently have been playing a lot of War games. About a year ago I started making maps for the various games I played, including Axis and Allies Mini's, A&A board games, Risk and some I made up! In that year, i've gotten pretty good at it. (not great, but people are asking me to make custom maps) Now though, one of the map requests has to have big buildings and large factories. I realized that I had very few buildings of that type. (My hard-drive had died, taking a lot of my info with it) So I was wondering is someone could point me in the direction of some WWII era/type buildings for map making… I searched the internet and everywhere, but I don't know quite what to look for! I was hoping that someone here could either make some buildings or point me somewhere where they can be found. That would be awesome! Thanks!
(For reference, these are a few of the building types I need, but any kind will work)

Thanks from Rebel!
(I see a few of my friends from other forums are on already! And my rival!)