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Thread: Béan, the Vertical City (WIP)

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    Wip Béan, the Vertical City (WIP)

    My second WIP post - this is my city of Béan, which is largely hidden inside the cone of an extinct volcano. The mountain was originally the redoubt for a large external metropolis, which was destroyed in a brutal war. The surviving citizens built themselves a new city inside the safety of the mountain. This is a kinda steampunk city, with volcanic hot water heating, and gas lighting.

    This is a Photoshopped version of a hand-drawn map but I'm struggling to find ways to jazz it up or improve it. Any ideas? Mapping a 3D vertical city is fairly unusual, are there any other examples you can suggest?

    Note this isn't an architectural plan, it's meant to give an impression of the city's layout to visitors; it isn't strictly to scale and doesn't show all the myriad homes and side tunnels. The city's main "street" is meant to be roughly a spiral, I'm not sure this comes across very well. You might notice there are arrows next to each of the big cave-halls on the outside of the city, these are meant to indicate which direction the openings point, I'm planning on changing these to compass roses or something.

    I'd be glad of any thoughts or suggestions of how to improve this!

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