I am trying to develop a world with a deep history, focusing on two time periods, a Bronze Age/Early Iron Age era and a High Medieval era approximately 1000 years later. I want to have a level of verisimilitude, so I am trying to have place names change in realistic ways between the two eras.

I have a very good idea of what each culture in the world is based on. The dominant empire, which has spread over the last several centuries has place names drawn from Greek and Latin, very much based on Late Antiquity. There is also a culture with names drawn from Akkadian and other ancient Semitic languages with influences from Ancient Egypt and maybe Turkish.

Does anyone have any good ideas or resources to help me have names change in a linguistically believable way between the two eras? For example, an encampment called Vitriax's Oasis in the Bronze Age by the desert dwellers in their own language has grown into a large city and been conquered by the empire is now called Tsaren Vitracis, reflecting the transcription of the original name from the Akkadian-like language to the Greek and Latin-like language.