I will start out admitting I have not bothered to read the changes Google is putting into effect. I know I should but it's so boring.

What I THINK they are doing is sharing all the data on your Google log in with the rest of their products so they can advertise to you appropriately no matter where you are logged in.

Today the BBC had this article: Google privacy changes "in Breach of EU law".

That got me to thinking maybe I don't want to use Google anymore and would it make any difference if I was to use Bing or one of the other search engines from here on out?

Personally, I believe that if you want to use the Internet you have to accept that somebody somewhere can put all the pieces together of everything you do so just beware. To think otherwise is naive.

Now that doesn't mean I want to share everything about myself with the whole world however or that I even approve of my actions being tracked. On the surface all this sounds like an opportunity for a rival company to seize some market share or some hackers to create their own "safe haven" from all the prying eyes. That creates another scary environment though because then you would have all the real criminally intent over there.

After checking out Tilt's post about the copyright and patent issues, it seems that the whole Internet scene is amplifying some serious problems with the way greed and dishonesty effect the world we live in.

At first I didn't imagine that Google was doing anything that big of a deal but now I'm not so sure.