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    Post Howdy!

    I've peeked my nose in here several times over the years, but never registered until now. A tutorial on creating maps in GIMP finally drew me in, and I'm definitely glad to have found it. Now that I can actually see images on here, well, I knew I wasn't much of a cartographer before, and I'm truly put in my place now. I'm definitely not an artist. Big ideas but no motor skills, I guess.

    At this time, I'm sketching out a continent for a homebrew campaign setting that will likely be realized around this time next year. Along with this site, I find myself browsing wikipedia articles on plate tectonics and climate regions. Unfortunately, I seem to keep coming across maps on here that make me bang my head against my desk with the realization that I'm a looooooong way from putting these ideas down in any kind of aesthetically pleasing style. Lucky for me, there seems to be quite a lot of information on this site. I look forward to finally sitting down and absorbing some of it, and perhaps posing questions to some of you directly.

    Thank you in advance for contributing to this site so folks like me can benefit.

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    Don't worry about tue lack of motor skills. I can't draw to save my life, but there's still a ton you can do with Gimp ir photoshop by themselves. Welcome to an awesome guild!

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