I've been fiddling with the idea of generic-game-sheets. That is, game layouts that are blank and ready for either creative endeavors (new games you want to invent) or for playing games you have without having to lug the board along. Instead, just a baggie full of the pieces and/or some felt-pens are all you need to play (camping, school, etc) rather than the big board etc.

I've considered, once I get some set up, of having them made into a pad of paper at the local office shop. I'd then look at creating a set of game pieces, dice, blank cards, that could be brought along on a trip to play any of them.

Here's the first one I've mocked up. I thought I'd share in case anyone could a)use it or b)had suggestions and feedback.

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Other layouts I'm planning to add:

1) Monopoly style
2) World Map style (Risk?)
3) Chess/checkers/reversi layout
4) Go layout
5) Chinese Checkers

Are there others you can suggest? Ones that are either shared through different types of boardgames and/or would lend themselves well to modification?