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Thread: Starship designer?

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    Help Starship designer?

    Hey guys,

    Been a while since I've posted anything in here. Anyhow my question is this: does anyone know of a starship designer/deckplan software? I'm fair at map making, but for some reason when I try to construct a starship floorplan, it always turns out pretty terrible. Maybe it's the symmetrical smooth lines. Anyway, I'm hoping to churn out ships fairly quickly - kind of quick and dirty if you know what I mean.

    Any helpful suggestions?

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    I think that any answer might depend a lot on what system you plan on playing, what style of ship and what requirements you have for a layout...

    CC3 has an add-on that does Traveler style ship plans, and I seem to remember that there are other progs out there that can do a similar type of job but can't remember what they are atm.

    Beyond that, I believe that there are a few tuts here on making deck plans, or at least some threads where ppl are doing deck plans. Maybe looking sat some of these will help you out...

    Hope this helps a bit
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    Thank you for the*informative*posts.
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