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Thread: Falcon's Rest - Trade Capital of Hiraan

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    Wip Falcon's Rest - Trade Capital of Hiraan

    Been working on this the past couple days instead of my regional map because my players are headed here soon and I want to have it ready for them. Still needs to be labeled, legended, scaleded, and a couple things fixeded.

    Legend and Scale are going to end up in the bottom right corner. I'm not super happy with the forests right now, but I really don't want to go in and make the forest line more realistic... too much detail for my current mental capacities. I also cheated and used a stained glass layer mask on the buildings instead of carving out the side roads in a more realistic manner. Again, players won't notice and too long to do. The brown smudges are either going to be cliffs or removed depending on how I feel tomorrow/Wednesday. Think I'll probably "oldify" it once these little details are cleaned up. C&C people of the interwebs?

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Well apart from the points you already touched on, I think the grass/base land is a bit too smooth in comparison to everything else (road/woods/etc) so might benefit from a subtle bit of texture itself.

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    They are getting creative at least. Maybe someday they will post a map !

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    Dealt with.
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