I am currently coordinating a massive PBP effort outlined here:

It's an MMO-PBP-RPG powered by pathfinder as stated, running with multiple rotating GMs and containing infinite adventure possibilities that run through infinite worlds. I have experience running an extremely similar project previously with great success and this version promises to be the higher powered 2.0 with great taste and less filling.

One of the aspects of this game is the PVP Arena feature.

I am exceptionally busy with the inception of this model and directing the developer team at present and we're still prepping it and editing to work out all the kinks before launch, plus my mapping skills are sub par. I have reasonable amatuer GIMP experience and have used generators plenty, but we need something reasonably presentable we can use for this project and hopefully something you'll have fun making.

Anyone can take this, or multiple people can. You can make 1 or 100 maps, we'll find a use for them for sure

Everyone will be credited with any map used (which will be on display and for use) and may have a reverse link at their request to whatever profile they like. This is an all volunteer project so unfortunately pay is not something I can promise, though I have run a couple commissions through this site before for other projects so I am familiar with coordinating this kind of thing.

So lets get to the nitty gritty details!

Subject Details:

Battle maps, must be tactically mirrored, IE, if you have a pit trap or high ground on one side, it needs to be on the other as well. These need to be mirrored as many ways as you intend teams or participants, so if you have 3 team battle map, it needs to be mirrored for all three sides. They don't need to be 100% exact in mirroring, but do need to be reasonably fair for the combatants so as not to cause a disadvantage.

Other special fantasy mechanics can be included like teleport triggers or swinging pendulums and such if you want to include them, just make sure you have notes on these.

Please be sure to clearly mark elevation.

Please mark start locations.

Tactical situations appropriate for fantasy worked in are a boon. You can accompany "secret text" that will be provided for the GM or public text available to all about why your map is awesome or explain features.

Maps should be full color and not subject to copyright restrictions, this is an OGL project. You can use the image for anything you like, it can even be one of your existing images if you wish, but we need the authority to use it for private use for this game, so essentially you're putting it out there and shouldn't expect to sell it later to another developer, though you theoretically could, provided they understand it's already in circulation and will remain so.

While we'll accept and use anything reasonably good, there is a minimum bar here, it should be at least semi-presentable, pro preferred of course, please do not send in MS paint scribbles.

This will be for web use only, though you can include a 300+dpi if you wish, we'll include it in the attachments and that may mean someone some day might DL it and print it for home use.

These will be intended for forum use or through google docs use (editable history and movable custom markers).

Each needs an overlaid hex grid of 5', you can subdue this but please be sure we can actually see it. Actual map size will depend on what kind of map you are trying to build, so lets discuss a few types needed:

Massive Combat: A large coliseum designed for 30 ish players in mass combat. Remember spacing matters because we'll need to be conscious of the fact that someone is going to drop a fireball at some point so full scale line warfare is less likely and smaller battles will be more common in this scenario.

Teams: 2 way and 3 way designed for 2-4 players per team.

Dual: 2 players, enough space for one to not be forced to be hit by enemy AoE spells and attacks.

Time Constraints: Technically none but I'd like to have 5 maps in a months time to prep the launch. Realistically 2 duals, 1 2-team, 1 3-team and one colliseum is prefered. More is great and awesome, but it should be noted the duals are likely to see the most use and be in greatest demand.

Contact Details are dr_klok at yahoo dot com or you can contact me and even join the dev team for the project if you think it would be fun to run or play in this gaming environment here.

Thanks in advance for everyone's interest! And remember, anyone can shop up a map for this, even if someone is already doing one, having multiple varied maps is exactly the idea. Just make one or more, be creative and above all have fun with it!