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    Default Snow, or Melissa

    Hello there, I'm Melissa/Mel/Missy, was actually referred here when I asked a mapping question on another forum. Though I don't know if the person who referred me is a member here, or just aware of the place.

    Anyways, I only recently realized how little I understand about cartography despite being interested in it. So hopefully this place helps with that. I saw links for people brand new to it, though at the moment I'm resisting the urge to download anything until I finish a paper I'm working on.

    I've done a lot of pencil and paper maps, especially as a child, for video games, stories, and tabletop RPGs. Generally nothing fancy though. I don't consider myself a very good artist, especially with colour. These days I pretty much design dungeon maps for fun.

    Well, I look forward to being here.

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    Welcome. You will probably find lots of great information in the tutorials area and bonus, a lot of them don't require you to be an incredible artist to get awesome results.

    Just be sure to do your papers first because once you start digging in around here you might be out for a long time deep in the stacks.
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