I would like someone to create a few maps for me for a D&D campaign that I am setting up. I am thinking a just slightly preVictorian setting with elements of sci-fi and horror. The City will be under the ocean because the surface in uninhabitable, and it has just gone through a Spanish civil war type conflict. The end result is the establishment of a government that is a cross between the British Protectorate, and WW2 era fascism. So there should be an older part of the city, that looks like a traditional European city, all winding avenues and what not, but there should also be large parts of the city that have been destroyed in the conflict, as well as parts that have been rebuilt and would reflect very strict city planning. None of this is set in stone though, and if the artist wants to add or change anything, go ahead, and the style is not important, but the preferred file type would be jpeg (although anything that can be opened in gimp would work). I only want to use this map for my personal writings, and perhaps as a handout in a game, so I think that that means that the artist can keep all rights (but I have no clue). My eternal gratitude to whomever makes this map because my own attempts are abysmal.