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    Default A Couple of Old MS Paint Maps

    Greetings! I stumbled upon my old D&D folder today while cleaning some pendrives and found some old maps I drew some years ago in Paint.

    This particular one was responsible for a lot of player death in a D&D campaign. It depicts the island Currath, a remote spit of land used by the once mighty empire of Sisgardia to trap all sorts of odd creatures and monsters that resulted from their indiscriminate use of magic.

    Eventually, the Sisgardians collapsed under a series of civil wars and barbarian depredations, leaving the island unguarded. As time passed by, explorers, cultists, crusaders, magicians, and a long list of other individuals found themselves on the island for various reasons, often fighting each other because of it.

    With the old sisgardian ruins running all across and beneath the island, it became the quintessential treasure trove, atracting quite a few adventurers, all while the aberrations trapped within served to turn the place into one massive dungeon.

    Repeatedly purged, repopulated, repurged, re-repopulated, claimed by holy orders supposedly mounting guard, conquered by sisgardian pretenders, occupied by demons, demon-worshippers, demon-hunters, slave traders, and what have you, Currath has seen quite a bit of activity for such a far-away island.

    And this one depics the Kingdom of Carbarath, an absurdly rich nation populated by elves who abandoned the primitive ways of their more forest-friendly kin and forged a world-spanning network of trade companies, slavedrivers, and banking institutions. There are still some old-fashioned druids and tree-huggers living on the outskirts of the realm, but they are treated as second-class citizens (though never enslaved), seen as addorable backwards that need to be brought into the civilized fold, which generally ends up in forceful integration or skirmishes to "drive away the savages encroaching in our enlightened lands".

    They also feature some of the most amazing gardens in the known world, skillfully tended by legions of tiny gnomes bred specifically for that purpose (and traded in the markets inside their respective tiny cages. Good garden gnomes are quite a commodity).

    It was used in a short-lived D&D campaign where the party was hired by a carbarathi trading company -The Golden Anchor- interested in opening a new manufacture colony on the shores of an unexplored jungle region. Three sessions down the line, the characters got themselves killed by a band of marauding lizardmen and the colony was burned to the ground.

    It's good to be the DM.
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