Hello folks, my name is Kanon and it is a pleasure to be here! I am 24 years old, married, and currently working as a courier for a lawfirm.

What brought me here today is sort of a long story, but the short of it is, is that I am looking to learn and understand more about map making and geography in general to better help me in making I guess, accurate(?), or effective maps in the fictional world I have been developing for five years now.

I just recently got steady with my fictional works, but it wasn't until I was studying for some certifications in networking and security last year that I started to realize what it is that I truly wanted to do, which is be a fictional writer. One of the reasons why I am kind of so hooked on map making and geography is that from my understanding, knowing and understanding the setting of your world or worlds can lead to good results with your writing, and making sure at the least that the setting is as correct as the world you are writing on allows (if that's a good way to explain it).

Chances are, I will have many questions down the road, and hope to blend in well with you all as my understanding of map making grows.