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This map is part of a huge project I have been working on called Etarek - a high-tech world that I am creating from the tectonics upwards. Having created a couple of world maps (which I certainly need to revisit and revise) as well as experimenting with regional maps, this is the first regional map I am truly happy with. More maps in this style will follow and I will endeavour to include a WIP for the next one too. Apologies for the lack of a key - I will create one, but since this will form part of an atlas I thought the key would probably be on a separate page near the beginning.

Kanthor is a peninsula on the far south of the continent Ohelusai. It is situated on the equator and, as such is largely covered by tropical rainforest, although much of this has been felled for industry, agriculture and living-space. It is the seat of some of the most technologically-advanced nations on Etarek, as well as some of its largest cities, including the sprawling Matjafesa, the Agamaha-Nihlesa megacity and Sabarat - capital of Kanthagamena and domain of the Toregi Chairman, the most powerful oligarch in Etarek's world economy.