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Thread: March Challenge Entry - The Principality of Altamira

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    Default March Challenge Entry - The Principality of Altamira

    Altamira is a mid-sized polity that, by virtue of its location, has become a trading hub. It sits at the juncture of two large seas and controls all trade between them, as well as influencing most overland trade to the south. Altamira has a long and rich history; centuries of feuding with its larger neighbors and playing one against the other have led to a political atmosphere of byzantine complexity. The Princes of Altamira can trace their lineage back, unbroken, almost 800 years to the fall of the Taleran Empire.

    Besides its mighty Trade Houses and ports, Altamira is rich in natural resources. From the silver and iron of its mountains, to the sheep and goat farmers of the highland valleys, to the farmlands of the south and the fishing fleets of three seas, the nation's wealth and security are the envy of its neighbors.

    In recent years, ties between Altamira and Cardez, its ancient rival to the north, have become closer. There is even talk of a Union of Houses afoot. Such a Union would likely destabilize the entire balance of power in the region, something that the Sularium, the Church of the Sun, is actively opposed to. There are rumors afoot of an Alliance being formed by the Arch-Prelate to defeat any union of Altamira and Cardez...

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