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Thread: Hello, Allo, Ola, Ni hao, Dzien Dobry Mapper of the World

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    Default Hello, Allo, Ola, Ni hao, Dzien Dobry Mapper of the World


    I'm Elian(k)a Segelski a 99%DM 1%Player of D&D 3.5, PathFinder, Vampire The Masquerade(D20), D20 Modern, Urban Arcana and Munchkin. Played also Star Trek, Traveller, CoC, Paranoia, and several more... I love Vampire LARP! Not into card game or wargaming and I will never convert to D&D 4.0 or 5th whatever from WotC so don't even try!

    29 years old and I play RPGs since I'm 16 so.. Totally addicted. I'm an avid mapper using regular tools and also everything technology can offer. I have my own style and I don't use CCx or any pre-fabricated, I don't have an amazing talent but more than enough to be original. Work as a computer network consultant...(Expensive Geek)) so totally nerdy for many and absolutely perfect for others. I have a few surname, most common: Eli... others: Ladne(Polish) also BITCH, but only from my players with love mostly!

    Internet ID by Eliana, Lady Eliana or Nimm The Sorceress and sometime Ladne.

    I am a Half-breed, nothing sexy like Half-Fiend. Simply Polish/Chineese so I speak French, English, Chinese and Polish in that order of preference.
    Welcome to try some... Bienvenu à ceux qui désire essayer une autre langue!

    My style vary from girly to Goth... but I always keep my darken heart.

    Mostly single and not looking. No munchkin. I live in my dungeon/Loft, Quebec/Canada.. You known up north US!

    Movies: Anything Sci-fi, Fantasy, Medieval, Vampire, Action, Suspense...Some horror if well done! Animation...kid stuff Disney Style! No Chick or Summer Flick.

    TV Shows: Bone, House, NCIS, All Stargates, Lost Girl, Being Human,
    Books, Comics and Graphic Novels: Anything Sci-fi, Fantasy, Medieval, Vampire, Action, Suspense...Some horror if well done!
    Spawn, Fallen Angel, Dritzz, etc...
    Wizard Book Lines:
    Dark Sun
    Forgotten Realms
    Other D&D

    Hobbies: Computer, networking, Photo, D&D 3.5, Gaming on PC or Xbox, reading, writing. Drawing without any skills... Enjoy also Camping, Internet and movies.

    Dislikes: Stupid and Wierdos!

    My Games:
    Dungeons & Dragons
    Vampire The Masquerade
    Vampire D20* Personnal Edition
    D20 Modern

    See...U !


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    Welcome, crikey, French, English, Chinese and Polish. What an awesome set of languages to have at your disposal. I keep trying to learn French but theres not enough of it about here to keep it in shape. I know a few lines of Polish but 80% of them are offensive courtesy of my ole Polish friend. Glad you like the internet, not a lot of stupid here, but be warned, this is a den of weirdos... (not necessarily bad weirdos tho I should add but you have to be a bit half baked to do all of this mapping thing)

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    Or one-and-a-half baked ...

    Welcome there

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    UUUU loved it sounds like girl from my dreams me new here to living in china. Big hug and good luck.

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    Wow, what an intro, lots of details. I have to agree with Redrobes though, not a lot of stupid but there is some weirdos in a good way. The city mappers is where they seem to come from, haha. I think it's drawing all those little boxes over and over. One day I am sure to join them, probably in my near future.

    Anyway, welcome aboard!
    “When it’s over and you look in the mirror, did you do the best that you were capable of? If so, the score does not matter. But if you find that you did your best you were capable of, you will find it to your liking.” -John Wooden

    * Rivengard * My Finished Maps * My Challenge Maps * My deviantArt

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    Welcome to the Guild! I'm one of those weirdos who like those small boxes called houses in a city map. Feel free to join us (You are welcome too Jaxilion)
    My finished maps

    Mapping Worlds (My blog about mapping)

    Imaginary maps (My facbook page devoted to mapping)

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