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Thread: Atlas-style/satellite-view map of a fantasy city/town wanted

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    Default Atlas-style/satellite-view map of a fantasy city/town wanted

    Thanks for the interest, but this is now taken.

    Satellite-view/atlas-style map of a fantasy city/small town. Full color.

    Looking for either a highly detailed map that I can use for scale, or a few different sized maps, whichever is easiest. But I'll want high resolution (over 10MP).

    Brief Description:
    The town is entirely surrounded by trees (in a dense jungle-tropical or deciduous), sits on the edge of a mountain/precipice, and has about three thousand occupants. If interested, I'll give much more detailed descriptions.
    There will be probably be at least 50% natural landscape in the map.
    Here's a few different examples of what I might be looking for as far as style:
    General Style:

    This is to be used for both the fantasy books I'm creating and a promotional trailer, so I'd like full copyright to use for commercial purposes. Of course, illustrator will be welcome to use in portfolio.

    Not sure what a commission like this might cost, but I'd like to keep it under $150.

    Time Constraints:
    None set. Entirely negotiable upon fee.

    If interested please email me directly: cdeldridge at aol dot com.

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