Hi, I know my voice does not have much sway as I'm new and all, but there is a few things I'd like to suggest/ask

  • The First thing is the skin, while I do not have anything against it, I think if we made a contest or something we may get some nice, hmm entries? The reason being that it in my mind is a little dark, If not a contest then I'd like to offer my hands in making something that could be looked at, if only as a optional skin.
  • The second thing is the "Chat-Box" while I could turn "Enhanced chat-box" on in my "General Options" was not set as default, so when I was to create my first thread I was met with codes and stuff I had not seen before, luckily its a rather simple code system which one can understand by simply reading the tags but still, it may be worth considering to change it to "Enhanced Message Edit Interface" if for nothing else then ease of use.
  • A good and bad thing here, While I love the "Tables options"(Haven't seen it before) I've Noticed the lack of "Float Options" and "Fieldset Options" I don't know why it is not there but if its just a thing about getting it done and there is no technical reason, I'd see it as a great plus to the ease of use to this site.
  • The Last thing I'd like to put forth is my chances of getting a School like proposal put forth on this side, If well written, would it be something that would even be considered? I want to propose that we try to get up and running a Guild University.

    With the ever-expanding community of people here and the impending interest from many sources that this have for many people for different reasons, people from all different communities will be looking to expand skills and learn. Further, many members are wealths of information and skills who can share such skills with others. It only makes sense to provide an organised place for members to share/learn skills and knowledge. People who mod strategy games, play role-play, or just have a general interest in these maps would benefit from such a place, I can't say all the different people and all their different motivations here, but all the more, I'll stand by this proposal and be the first to say while I'm not good at making maps yet, I can offer a course on how to make GIF animations in photo-shop for cool presentation of maps, or simply cool looking avatarts/Signatures.