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Thread: Wizard Buildings

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    Map Wizard Buildings

    I know that these are not up to the "Realism" standard that many of the battle maps have on this site. However, I thought I would share these two as they were fun to DM with them.

    The wizard was the main "bad guy" and the party chased him from a small town to his home... then through a magic portal to his bigger home... there is a table with random color on it... this is the workbench for drawing the portals on the ground. it was part of the adventure and I thought I would share.

    The maps are made in mainly Photoshop and have a few hand drawn, scanned, and colored elements.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Click image for larger version. 

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    Thanks for sharing, very useful maps. Like you said, not as artistic / realistic as some of the maps being made, but we often forget that the whole point to this is having fun playing your favorite RPG with your friends. A few years ago before I discovered mapping software I would have thought this was a fantastic map to use for a game, way better than the usual maps that came with most published adventures. So keep up the good work and keep posting them.

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    Exactly !! Great Work Repped !!
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