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Thread: Deviant Art Muro - online painting app

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    Default Deviant Art Muro - online painting app

    Not sure how suited it is for mapping but maybe worth a look?

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    Hi, tried it sometime ago. Wacom plugin works decently and the brushes really have a pencil look & feel to them, which is cool. But for me it's really only usefull for some quick sketching. And even then, for good sketch-brushes, Painter and SAI are far superior in my opinion (but they are not free of course . cheers, DJ
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    Sumo paint seems to be a bit farther along in that aspect.. i don't think it has wacom support, but it's much more like a traditional photoshop... and has a lot more features.. but still.. a cool find.. nice to see this type of thing is HTML5.
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    I have trouble even drawing decently in Muro. I wouldn't think it would be very good for maps, since it's hard to get very exact, and last I checked, it didn't have layers. I'm kind of new at mapping, though.

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    I just played with it for 5 min...yup, it has layers now....but seems quite limited mappywise...but seen amazing results when excel was used to make a map so ya never know....
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    This experiment really tested my patience, but I had to give it a go in the spirit of my normal craziness. I'm still cringing at the loooong work-arounds for effects with the simple tools available (I'm not a deviant member). The layers did make it a tiny bit easier (the background took six of them!), but I wouldn't use this as a replacement for photoshop... or a pencil. Time: Approximately 1 1/2 hours. Spent much less time on the labels, so they're not very well placed and look horrible. Oh well.

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