Paid?: might mean that you may make payment depending on the quality of the work or if the map is for a commercial project and payment is dependent on the project making sales.
Basically... I need several maps made for several different styles and projects and it's sorta long term thing that may or may not make money, but I'm hoping they will... eventually and if they do you'd be reimbursed. I would hope that we could come to some deal where if it was necessary to pay a specific amount that it would be a flat rate paid from the "profits" of the work that uses your maps, or possibly a straight percentage (I only prefer flat rate because it is overall easier) that would work something like we agree on a flat price and then if that product makes money you, and the other possible help, would get paid before i ever took any of the money.


Ok here's the tricky part. I need long term people for at least 1 project and possibly a few others... where in we would be collaborating to fill in the map(s) as I go along in the story. Obviously I need to be able to put things where I need them to be, but I'm brain a bit brain dead on layout and such and i rely heavily on what is more historically accurate and utilitarianistic design. That's not exactly what I want so I need someone better equipped at laying these things out how they might really be so it will become a process of me feeding you information to add to the map and your map giving me information to work from to be consistent and more accurate...if that makes sense, at least for this main project, where as the other projects I might just want you to develop based on what I give you and then I fill in what I need from there. I don't know quite how to describe it...

Main project -
Basically I'm writing a novel or several based in one universe that takes place over the course of hundreds of thousands of years with the rise and fall of civilizations and different living styles, so the first step is creating the base "world" map. Then a map that has the layout of the regions and major cities/areas at different points in it's history. And then i also will likely need a few cities/areas laid out... only 1 big one comes to mind, 1 moderate one, and 4 or 5 minor cities, come to mind at the moment...

2ndary project -
This one I don't quite have worked out what I want, but the general idea behind this project is to make a game, but seeing as I don't have the resources to quite do what I want I'm going to start with writing a lot of it out. It consists of maps of space stations, ships, and planets. Because of the way the game progresses I need maps of planets and perhaps in the future some major areas mapped out...

tertiary project -
I may need a map of a "unique" city for this project... basically it's an internet virtual hub city and i haven't a crisp idea of it in my head. This more or less just needs a map just if it ever becomes a game like it's supposed to... it might also be nice to have a reference point, but I haven't done much thought on this idea yet so I'm just mentioning it for if someone has any ideas for such a thing.

The scales of the maps will obviously be different because planets are different sizes and such...


It's post-apocalyptic high fantasy science fantasy craziness... It has technology to make modern maps so I would really like a map that is aesthetically appealing that looks somewhat more realistic and then also other maps that are more informational type. "fantasy" style maps while I don't really care for them, are workable, but i prefer a more modern style

Quality & Size

[Professional / semi professional] <- Don't know what this means as professional isn't really a quality check ^.^
[Required for print / web] <- for the primary the maps will likely be used for both print and web
[Dimensions of map: x inches by y inches (or pixels)] <- I prefer as big as possible or as big as is sensible as starting big and shrinking is easier than the opposite
[Raster / Vector] <- I don't know the difference as it applies here. I don't have software that deals in vectors as far as i know, but considering this should be a long term partnership I don't see how this couldn't be figured out later.

Time Constraints

Currently there are no time constraints on any of these, but that may change if my projects do really kick off, but if not... I'll give a general time frame i would it by ahead of time by a lo probably so there shouldn't be any real rush ever. As my plans are loose and all currently I can push back when more time is needed for the most part as there is more than enough in my head and projects to turn to in the mean time.


I would like copyright of the map.
I will have the right to use the image for commercial purposes, the artist will have the right to exhibit the image as part of his portfolio but not to exploit it for commercial gain.
I understand the reluctance to enter into this type of thing, but the fact is this is a singular full project and I need full ownership of everything that has to do with this project. I have thought of other ways to make up for my short coming I've pointed out and while they aren't preferable I'd much rather go with them than give anyone the chance to screw up these particular ideas. And I simply can't pay for what i need done right now, and all I can do is give my word is that if you work with me I will not screw you and if i get money you'll get money. So please look past the money and the copyright issue and help me out.

Contact Details
I'm easily contacted at my email user name at hotmail. I also have AIM, MSN, Yahoo which also use the same user name, but since they're full of bot requests I generally deny everyone i don't know. I also have Skype that uses this user name, but the easiest way is through my email, just put in the subject that you're from here and hopefully i'll see it even if it gets caught by my spam filters...

Thanks for your time and hopefully I'll hear back... I know it's a crazy weird request so no worries if you think and say so ^.^

also sorry if dual post...system logged me out before the post went through.