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Thread: How do I make a gore map

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    Default How do I make a gore map

    I have a high-resolution topographic map of mars. I can't conceptualize it as a sphere and I need to draw some geographic regions on it. As such I was thinking of printing it out and making it into a globe then draw the regions on the globe, take it apart and scan it back in so I would have the regions I need flattened out appropriate to the actual globe.

    As such, I need to know if there are any easy ways of making a gore map so I can do the globe. I found a gimp addon but I've never used gimp or would know how to use the addon.

    Any help would be much appreciated, or if someone has a suggestion on how I could make this all easier that would be great too. See links below for more details:

    Hi-res map:

    Code for GIMP addon:

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    If somebody is still looking for solution, I coded sinusoidal gores projection in javascript, and it is available here under BSD license (you can do whatever you want with the program and its source). It works in a web browser so you don't have to download anything.
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    Cool. I ran a script for somebody not all that long ago. That thread was here:

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