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    So, I don't have an image yet - okay, I do, but it needs editing. It's only a pencil sketch so far, barely readable after scanning. But I think I can get started with the region's background then.

    These rather secluded set of islands was discovered long ago by a famous seafarer from [hans_worst's realm], Captain Kliff Kouver. His report brought the info about three mostly flat islands with simple yet rather sophisticated human people living of off fishing. Two of the islands were mostly hills and plains with some occasional shrubbery or small woods, but the third (the southernmost) was packed with heavy forest, thought to be impenetrable by the seamen and regarded as a holy place by the natives.

    In the following years, trade ensued between the northern realm and the islands, bringing a variety of influences to Kouver's islands. Until the area was once used as a staging point for a fleet from the north seeking to move eastwards to Orvaelos. It has never been revealed who exactly got so ****ed at that, that a mother of storms came, scattering the fleet and making the sea unsailable in that region for years.
    The trade relations ended, and eventually, the islands were surrounded by myths.

    However, a year ago, a vessel that had to evade a military manouver in the eastern waters passed through the region, finding it completely sailable again. It was Kouver's grandson who initiated an expedition and gathered a team of explorer, researchers, and a task force of specialists which were to aid where they could.

    The following messages are written by Shinon Leoman, member of said taskforce and a man of dubious origin. They are directed to Lord Kouver III himself.
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