Greetings from Germany.

One of my favorite hobbies has been roleplaying, for the last 21 years (since i was 11).
And i have acquired quite a taste for complex and logical maps.
The kind in which nearly everything serves in a "realistic" purpose, so that the players
could make logical conjectures and act accordingly.

I stumbled upon this forum in my search for ideas/maps for a "caribbean" style setting.
As it is meant to be more of a one time scenario, i decided trying to seek
out some good maps on the net (googling went nowhere), before going all the way myself.

I didn't find a better place to put these questions ("request" threads don't seem right, also
the mapmaking discussions seem occupied with other things), so i put them here. You may move this thread, of course, if it doesn't belong here.

What i seek:

-a fortified (palisade) camp near a beach/shore with a pier and maybe some jungle in the vicinity

-indian/tribe style jungle-villages

-maps of islands (dense jungle, mountain/volcano, ancient temple etc.)

-submarine town (inhabited by creatures like "Deep Ones" but not evil and sinister)

Yes, i found the search button, but i'm looking for any hints/links and not only on this site.
Besides, the map(s) i'm seeking might be hidden behind any arbitrary name from a RPG that is
unknown to me.

Thanks, in advance.