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Thread: Maps needed for the New Horizon RPG - paying job

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    Map Maps needed for the New Horizon RPG - paying job


    My name is Michal Lysek, and I am one of the co-founders on the New Horizon RPG.

    In short, New Horizon is a new role-playing game played out on an alien world which humanity have adopted for their own and experiencing exciting adventures while exploring the wild and unknown. It is a mixture between fantasy and science fiction, even if the later is mostly its main topic.

    We are in need of a cartographer who could help us out with maps.
    I often hire artists for different kind of work, but this is the first time I turn to people skilled in creating maps. And we are in grave need of it.

    You can find my e-mail on the website, so please contact me if you are interested. And if you have any questiosn then please state them here...
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