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    Default So, roleplaying games!

    There are few activities I can think of that go so well hand-in-hand than map-making and roleplaying. So I'm guessing many of us here either roleplay, have roleplayed or are interested in roleplaying games.

    What games do you play, and which ones are your favourites? On the other hand, which ones do you want to play but have not had the chance to? What about your roleplaying group? Any interesting experiences to share?

    As for myself, I've been playing since 1996 with pretty much the same group of friends ever since (we had one player leave about a decade ago and a new one join in 2010). Though we have had some dry spells (particularly in the heavier university years of the mid 2010's), we have gone through a lot of games together. And since they are all lazy bastards, I've been the DM for almost the whole 15 years we've been playing together.

    We prefer fantasy roleplaying, mainly D&D. We grew up with AD&D 2e, so while we no longer play it regularly (Pathfinder took over in 2010, and prior to that it was D&D 3.5 since 2003), it holds a honourary spot as out favourite game. Our main game, which gathers us twice per month on saturdays, is Pathfinder (pretty much D&D 3.75, created as an alternative to D&D 4e for those who prefered 3.5's way of doing things), intermingled with 7th Sea (a cape-&-sword game of high adventure in a fantasy world very similar to XVII century Europe), Space 1889 (a game set in an alternate XIX century where steam-powered ships have taken humanity to conquer the canals of Mars and hunt dinosaurs in the jungles of Venus), and Ars Magica 5e (a game set in the XII century where players participate -mostly- as very powerful wizards). From time to time I manage to convince them to play some old OD&D module which ends up with everyone dead in a matter of hours, though.

    What about you guys?
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