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Thread: How do I change the scale of symbols in a catalog?

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    Question How do I change the scale of symbols in a catalog?

    I have created a 1 meter-squared CC2 Pro template for drawing starships. I've downloaded three symbol catalogs to help me to draw my deckplans. [Than you to you catalog makers!] One catalog was evidently created with the same scale in mind, but the other two place HUGE symbols on my drawings. I can resize each symbol as I place it, but I spend more time scaling than drawing.

    1. Is there a way to "fix" the catalogs so the symbols are the proper size when I place them? I would like to use symbols from all three catalogs, so I don't know if fixing two catalogs would break the one that fits my 1m2 scale.

    2. Is there a way to export symbols so I can alter them in GIMP and re-import them?

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    Sorry, I don't use CC2.

    Depending on what file type you can export or save as.. you should be able to import it into Gimp. There are a few around here who use CC and if one of them sees this they may be able to better answer your question.
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