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    Post [taken] 4’ x 6’ map for miniature gaming mat

    We are a small studio manufacturing miniature wargames terrain and scenery and are aiming to launch new product – wargames terrain mats. They are going to be 4’ x 6’ (122 x 183 cm) tabletop covers with printed picture of map or landscape on them. The landscape should serve as a ground level for all the actual terrain pieces that will be used for a game. Currently I will need one map only. Possibility for more after the first print, possibility for none if decision is not to develop this product. The theme of a map should be swamp / jungle / forest / field – you choose.

    Mats are going to be used in 28-32mm miniature games, thus meaning, that an average human sized miniature is roughly 1 inch wide. Maps must use neutral graphical elements that would not normally obstruct movement or visibility. This means no buildings, cliffs, huge stones, etc. Acceptable elements are small stones, bushes, small puddles or springs, corpses, dry rivers, some ruins, tracks, wreckage and so on. In other words, terrain should be ‘flat’ and should not suggest players that some drawn object might or might not be an in-game obstacle – it should not be. Usual terrain pieces that are used for gaming table are trees, hills, buildings, boulders, etc., so try to avoid these in the drawing. Putting small house on a big house might look awkward. A good example how a mat looks like in action is: and . A good example of what I am looking for is: , (level of detail only, it looks too impassable in most places), (also needs to be more ‘flatter’).

    I will require 122 x 183 cm TIFF, 300 DPI. In case my printing company changes, I might need PDF. Time is not an issue. I will have the right to use the image for commercial purposes, the artist will have the right to exhibit the image as part of his portfolio but not to exploit it for commercial gain. Of course artists name and/or initials on the map and noted in product description. NDA if required by artist.

    You provide a link to your portfolio and / or you make a small image / sketch / low detail map of what you are going to draw for free so we both know what to expect. We agree upon a price. If need arises, I can pay part of the sum in advance. PayPal transfer.

    Email . Replace ‘cutdeep’ part with ‘deepcut’.
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