So, around a year ago I posted my first city map here for critique . . . aaaand it was really bad. So bad I wonder what possessed me to think it was even worth critiquing.

So this is my second attempt at creating a deep woods / river setting city map. And I'm much happier with it so far, but am wondering what else I can do to improve it.

Things I know probably need fixing already:

-Tree line brush strokes "tell" around certain edges
-The interior city needs more "pizazz"--parks, landmarks / monuments, etc.
-Some of the housing around the castle walls needs to be re-done.
-The larger "estate" type buildings just aren't working well quite yet. Need more hand-finishing touches, methinks.
-Needs farmland on the outskirts, probably in the south-west corner.
-The whole "docks" area is still a massive work in progress. The warehouse / shipping buildings are out of scale, among numerous other things.

What say ye, Cartographer's Guild? How can I polish up the River Jewel?

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