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  • March Challenge Entry - The Principality of Altamira by Diamond

    23 53.49%
  • March Challenge Entry - B&W try-out by Djekspek

    2 4.65%
  • March Challenge Entry - Tåvnar by EricPoehlsen

    0 0%
  • March Challenge Entry - Map of Canada by Hai-Etlik

    15 34.88%
  • March Challenge Entry - Oh no! The color ran away! by jfrazierjr

    0 0%
  • March Challenge Entry : Serpent Isles by lostatsea

    1 2.33%
  • March Challenge Entry - Rudvik: City of the Pit Lord by Lukc

    29 67.44%
  • March Challenge Entry - The Land of Danor by rpgmapmaker

    4 9.30%
  • March Challenge Entry - The land of Vectograss by Sapiento

    9 20.93%
  • March Challenge Entry - The Palantaisian Protectorate and Voivodes of Sar Darin by Schwarzkreuz

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Thread: *** March Challenge VOTING - Mapping in Black and White ***

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    Default *** March Challenge VOTING - Mapping in Black and White ***

    This month's challenge was to create a map in only black and white. Antialiasing is the only greyscale allowed. The guild members rose to the challenge brilliantly! Check out the full set of entries here:

    Please vote for your 2 favourite entries. The voting will end in 4 days time. Remember to rep those you vote for.
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    That was hard.... there were at least 3 entries that were excellent, so it was hard to narrow down the 2nd/3rd ones, as well as several that were very good.
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    Yeah, this indeed was a difficult choice. There were A LOT of excellent quality maps. I ultimately voted based on the concept of the challenge regarding ebooks... I've seen maps resolve not so well on some ebooks--even greyscale ones--so I voted based on which ones in my opinion would display the best on an e-reader, followed by which ones I felt were most innovative and appealing. That was the only near-objective benchmark I could think of. Well, in terms of the e-reader display aspect.

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    Just amazing results this month. It was very hard to pick only two.

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    Holy schmoly! I think this challenge brought out the best in alot of the great artists here. This challenge could have run for another month easy. I hope it gets a refresh down the road. Hats off to all the entrants! I hope to see a few of the entries colored and posted later.

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    The pitcity by lukc was a great concept. First vote on that. Second was not so easy, some nice entries this month again.

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    Diamond had me again, clean but interesting. The Pit City is a good idea and executed perfectly. He knows his scanner

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    What a great challenge. It was very hard to only pick 2! Rep for everyone, loved all of these maps

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    Some really great entries as usual but I had a surprisingly easy time of voting for once. Diamond and Lukc's maps just had that little bit extra for me. Good luck all who entered.
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