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Thread: If only I could figure which programme to use to upload my map of YGOLON

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    Post If only I could figure which programme to use to upload my map of YGOLON

    i have a map that i want to show plaese help

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    (1) To upload a picture you hit the "Insert Image" button and go through the upload process, and then should see a little markup block appear in your posting window that will embed the thumbnail in your post. You don't need any particular software to do it, although if you're running Noscript or something like it you should turn it off for these forums because it breaks uploading badly.

    (2) I think this is in the wrong place, unless YGOLON is part of the CWBP, which I don't think it is. You should probably make your new thread in one of the subforums in the Mapmaking Discussion & Philosophy/WIP/Critique section, and this thread is better suited to Site Tech Support. Mods?

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    You may need to click on the "Go Advanced" button in the lower right corner. You should see a little icon that looks like a paper clip. Clicking on that pops up a window that allows you to upload your image and that will automatically create a thumbnail folks can click on to see the full size you upload. If you want to see what your post will look like before you "submit" it just click on the "preview" button and viola.

    I hope that helps.
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