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    Wip WIP - My First Map

    Alright, so I've been debating whether or not I wanted to post my progress so far on the map I've been making. I've been lurking around for a long while now and learning from lots of methods and advice in various threads here and making a map of a continent in the world I've made for the series of novels I'm writing and hope to someday publish, along with the dice and paper rpg I'm making. After much debate I've finally decided to go ahead and post up what I've got so far, I'm unfamiliar with a lot of stuff still, and it's far from complete yet, just as a warning. The rivers need work, the land still needs to me raised and lowered in places as I've only worked a little on the elevation stuff, and there are many more cities and towns to add and title on here, but over all it's got a lot of progress on it so far. I've only marked towns and cities, so nothing with a population less than 1000 people, so tons of villages would be spread out everywhere, but they won't be shown here, I've just realized I haven't included a scale for distance and I'm too lazy to open up photoshop to save a copy with it displayed right now, so I'll have to do that later on. If you've got any advice you want to offer please feel free, I know it still needs a whole lot of work, and I'm still learning about many things, I know people complain about nonsensical rivers a lot, and while I'd say I've done decently, I know some of them don't quite add up here, I'll be fixing them with time, but for now here it is. I used some textures and things from here, the compass rose was from RPGMapMaker who is actually also the person who kinda led me here lol, I found his videos on youtube and they mentioned this site and I came here, my map uses mostly his over world tutorial method, but has been tweaked by some various other things I've learned from other threads as well. You probably won't be able to read many of the town names unfortunately due to me having to size it down in paint because it wouldn't upload >.< I'll be changing up some font size stuff later on to help counter this issue, along with perhaps changing some text colors like the black one at some point too because they're hard to read.
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