Hello everyone.

Newguy here with ZERO experiance with anything "Painty" on computers, but with some years of RPG-maping on regular oldschool papper.
Been a memeber for a while but actuly lost intresse of the whole art after trying some tutorials but Im back with a purpose!.

Im in the contruction of a world to my own RPG, and is one of thouse "I want to do everything myself" kind of guy (If I cant make it in time then I will most likely pay someone to do it for me but I got my fingers cross for a new skill).
The thought is to release the game in two years and hope to atleast advance long enough to be able to make my own maps by then.

I've been following Ascensions tutorials but sense beeing a complete newbe, something always comes out wrong.
This is the tutorial I've been trying: http://www.cartographersguild.com/sh...t-in-photoshop, the only wrong with that is that its hard to see forestareas in my opinion and I prefur something like the forest in his "Aalder forest".

I would also be VERY interested in learning to do a map like this one that is just my style for RPG.
If anyone have some input in how to start with one like this then PLEASE share you infinite wisdow.

Well that was it, and btw Im using PS.

Many thanks and have a good morning/day/evening/night etc