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This is part city map and part battle map for my first campaign stop. My goals here is to get used to drawing from an overhead perspective and find the right balance between realistic and hand drawn/cartoony as well as making sure my players have a good map to start playing on!

In case you guys are interested in the backstory for this small island town...
Centuries ago, the world of Spriddvarld had undergone a slow change. In what is now known as The Ebb, magic had become more and more scarce as the younger generations were born without any magical ability. In the last hope of retaining the knowledge of the arcane arts, the aging generation of wizards created a repository in the mage town of Spellfall. The last magic user of their time guarded this library, passing away as he awaited an apprentice that would never arrive.
Magic did reappear though, just as slowly as it had disappeared. In the past sixty years, children are once again being born with an ability to wield magic. It is here in Spellfall that the first magic users after The Convalescence came to seek knowledge and it is here where the new generation of wizards are being trained.

The center of the town is a Mage Tower and the surrounding hillside is occupied by various houses and dormitories. The population is a mix of magic users as well as common town folk, who have made a living catering to the unusual needs and habits of the magic academy.
There are two docks on the island. The larger one accomodates trade and visitors from Port Elmy as well as the Ardashtians. The other is a private dock owned by the academy that is used for ventures to the Swirling Veldt and neighboring islands.

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