I am from germany and started drawing maps long ago because of roleplaying. 20 years ago I wrote some REXX scripts to produce "realistic" topographical data which were later shown as maps by a programm called XACT. We played Traveller and I needed many planetary maps on hand if you know Traveller you know what I mean.
In 2000 I switched to play my own rpg system which takes place on a world called Elum.

In recent time I had some spare hours to redraw my old maps. On the way I changed the work order. Old way were some 4000x4000px maps. The full planetary map consisted of about 20x40 of those detailed maps. A project to fail. As I drawed all maps by hand.

Jan 2012 I decided to recreate the planetary map as one single file. You can find some impressions here on my homepage.

The Chronicle of Elum/Die Chronik von Elum

kind regards