I was reading on another site about how some people think they cannot make a map worthy of someone paying for it.

I am here to prove you wrong.

I have two maps I need for my game, combined time will likely be under an hour for anyone with basic skills.

Map #1 -

This is what I was able to do:


I want to have someone use the original PDF file and erase that line down the middle better than I can/did (no really I did try to clean it up)

The second map is taking the nine buildings from another PDF product and shifting them around onto a new map.

In their current incarnation they all fit nicely into a rectangular piece of paper. I want the village to be more organic, still clustered around each other but not looking like it all fits on one sheet of paper.

I own both PDF products in question and will email you the files to use. I will be using these in my personal game and they are copyrighted works so the artist will be able to show their work in a portfolio perhaps but not use it in other places.

The time frame for this project is very flexible. I need the first map in two weeks and the second map in a month or so. I do think that any competent artist will be able to do a much better job than I can in an hour or two most likely.

In exchange for your help on this project I will pay $20, enough for pizza and a cheap bottle of wine.


OH and one other thing. I do respect the very fine artists we have here on the site, but I would like this job to go to one of the lesser known members so they get a chance to shine and put that mark on their resume of "professional freelance artist"

If you never thought you could make a map and sell it here on the Guild, here is your chance.