Greetings. I notice that most all your requests are for fantasy maps. I have something different in mind and wonder if anyone would be interested. This is a map I would like to use in a family history DVD I am making. It is for strictly personal, non-commercial use--but I would like it to look as "professional" as possible.

Subject--I am attaching a very pathetic attempt I made myself to give you the general idea.Click image for larger version. 

Name:	wagner map.psd 
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ID:	43544 The map I would like you to make should be more complete, extending as far as London and Paris, but not necessarily a lot more detailed. We could discuss.

I am not sure about the scale except to say it is for use in a DVD and should be a clear, informative and legible as possible.

Style--As I say, it should be simple and informative. Colors to indicate countries e.g. Switzerland, and Empires e.g. Germany and Austria-Hungary. Distances in miles should be easy to see.

Quality & Size--I would like it to look as professional (basically I just mean good) as it can. WRT size, it should be optimal size to go into DVD video.

Time Constraints--Flexible

Copyright--the map is for personal, non-commercial use only.

Contact Details--I do not have the required number of posts. If you are interested I would like to discuss, Thank you.