I am going to be running a Deadlands game in the future, and I was trying to find maps that would be suitable for handing out to my players, and maybe giving me ideas for story adventures and the like.

Specifically I'm looking for maps that look like they were or actually were made during the 1880-1910 period. Any maps made by people on this forum specifically FOR Deadlands would be awesome; my google fu is weak, it seems.

I tried doing an image search on google, and I find quite a few maps that are good in theory, but are just too "busy":
this is a good example

Specifically, I'd like maps that are similar in the above style, but don't have so much stuff going on. The maps are going to be printed out on higher-quality resume paper for texture and given to players, but I'm only going to be printing them out on my color laser printer on 8x11 paper, so they kind of need to be "clean" so that they're relatively easy to read.

I don't care if they are Regional, State, or local maps; my Deadlands game will feature travel by Rail, so getting them from one state to another will not be an issue for me.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.