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    I'm not really sure how to introduce myself. I've already posted a few times in the Regional/World mapping section, but I figured I should post here too.

    At current, I'm making an entire fantasy world out of bordem. I'm in film, so you never know when an entire universe might come in handy. And I've got the time (couple months until school starts). I'm not exactly the best artist in the world, so drawing maps is quite a challenge for me. MS Paint is decent enough for a world-view, but I might need to move on to CC3 or something similar for the regional maps.

    That's about it. Goodbye.

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    You're in film, eh? Neat-o! (do people still say this?)

    I am bad with my hands. It's my curse. Still, I've fallen in love with my misshapen mountains and odd trees. Maybe you'll experience a similar love affair with your map catastrophes!

    Or maybe you'll improve.

    . . . unlike me.

    Who is doomed.

    Doomed, I say!

    *sob sob sob*


    P.S.: Welcome to the Guild, person!

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