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    I'm MidnightMoon. First of all, I speak spanish and just a little bit of english.
    My English is bad, I'm just learning a little and most of what is pure technical English.
    I'm from Mexico and I have 19 years.
    I came to this forum to be looking for a way to make maps for an epic fantasy story that I'm doing.
    I hope to take very well with everyone.

    In fact this was translated with Google Translator. XD

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    Hello MidnightMoon! Welcome to the Guild.

    Hehe your English is cute. In French, one uses to the verb "to have" to convey age to others. I imagine that Spanish does the same thing? If so, employ the English verb "to be" in the future. For example, I am 21 years old. My birthday is Saturday.

    Those are just some friendly hints!

    I am a writer as well. I suppose that is a common good around here?

    I do not know Spanish, so I apologize if my message is unclear to you.

    Best wishes,


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