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    I'm a commercially published author (see here) working on a new epic fantasy series. This project will not be published commercially, however, and so I'm in need of some maps. See below for details.


    • Paid: I expect to pay $100+ for the project, via PayPal. I'll negotiate with the artist once we've determined that we're a good fit.


    I need two maps:

    1) A map of a ruined city in the forest. This is probably more of a bird's eye illustration than a map - just a few labels and a scale, I expect.

    2) A regional map. Roughly equivalent to the Aegean region, perhaps 50 miles to an inch. I'm happy to follow the artist's lead on the proper scale for what I want. It needs to be a small enough scale to show major towns and points of interest, roads, topography (forest, hill, mountain, rivers, etc.).

    In addition, it would be great to find an artist who could illustrate/design a great looking title/brand logo that could be incorporated into the map and used to brand the property.


    I think a more illustrated or painterly, archaic style is appropriate, though it doesn't need to be actually hand-drawn or painted. I like the following, though I've seen many excellent maps in the gallery:

    Quality & Size

    •The maps should be of publishable quality. I'm paying, which would by definition make my expectations "professional."
    •Optimized for Web viewing. If the style permitted a grayscale version that would be legible in eReaders, that would be ideal.
    •Size...suitable for full-size viewing on a typical computer screen or tablet. 8 x 12, maybe?

    Time Constraints

    Negotiable - One or two months, though I have some flexibility if that's unrealistic for the artist I want.


    •I will have the right to use the image for commercial purposes, the artist will have the right to exhibit the image as part of his portfolio but not to exploit it for commercial gain.

    I'm writing this series (in novella format) under a Creative Commons license in an effort to build a community around the property. So the books will be distributed free to as many places as possible. I reserve the right to seek profit from the property in future, of course, and my rights to use the image(s) for commercial purposes must be fully transferable at my sole discretion. In short (too late), I'd encourage the artist to display the image wherever he/she wants, but he/she will have no title or interest in the property I'm creating. We can talk about it if this is unclear.

    Contact Details

    eldernost - at - gmail - dot - com

    Thanks so much for your consideration!

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    Taken - thanks all!

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