Hello, I was hoping if someone would be generous enough to make a map for me. I said in my post about me about how much I think an illustrated map actually adds to the reading experience and is just more fun. Anyway, I would be eternally grateful. The [Paid?] is technically more of an unpaid, but if the book I am writing actually gets published and sells. I would be more than happy to send a negotiable amount to the cartographer.

I have a rough, rough sketch via Microsoft Paint. I will be more than happy to send it to the person willing to help me out. I am very new to this, so if I'm noobish I apologize.

Basically, it's a fantasy medieval world. Deserts, forestry, mountains and snow lands. With a Large Sea in the middle.

Just a 'world map' kind of feel. More of a continent type. Umm..I am just drawing a blank on what else to put. Obviously, If I end up not published you will get copyrights of the map, if published, I'd pay you and would ask for the copyrights of the map.

I guess I want it to kind of look realisticish. Like a birdseye view.

Anyway, my email is erh.hre--at--gmail-dot-com

Thanks so much!