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Thread: Looking for a couple maps to be made for a custom world project.

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    Default Looking for a couple maps to be made for a custom world project.

    Hi guys I really love the details in the two links

    Looking for an artist that will do a large world map and a other maps with detailed cities ect.

    I didnt doa sketch as it would be utterly terrible but will provide one if necissary. I would also like the source files if possible in case I need to change the names of certain places ect.

    You can contact me at also looking for someone that could start the project this month or next.

    Thanks so much.
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    Hello Herr Formula. Unfortunately it seems your links are broken.

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    Thanks links should now work

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    Something to think about regarding source files - copied from another post:
    I'm not entirely sure, but I think you might find it hard for an artist to sell you his complete source files. You could have a couple layers however. One of the map and another with the names of locations that could be modified.

    Full source files would show all the tricks an artist used to create the image and while some might not be bothered by that others might not want to give it all away. There is also an issue of source files not working for you because everyone uses different software. For instance, Paintshop, Gimp, Xara, Inkscape, and various other products which unless you have that software the files would be useless to you.

    I would recommend you just ask for a way to modify the labels so you can change them later and let the artist consider how to allow for it. I would think that shouldn't be a problem. Of course, sometimes if you are planning to post it on the net some might be concerned about how you change those names. You would be surprised how much an image can be degraded by poorly placed labels. Some are concerned that if their name is going to be on it that it hasn't been massively butchered. It is their reputation after all just as much as it is your map to use.
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