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Thread: [Region 1][Map 09] - Khanate of Qashya Mal

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    Post [Region 1][Map 09] - Khanate of Qashya Mal

    No map yet, just getting a feel for names and cultures.

    Khanate of Qashya Mal - City of Calishem on the Sea of Qashya
    The Khanate of Qashya Mal is the most recent horde of the steppes to conquer the Spice Road between east and west, holding the old trade capital of Calishem, the Jewel of the Khanate, at the western end of the route on the Sea of Qashya. The prosperity of the cosmopolitan city has increased as southerly routes of the Spice Road, have been cutoff by the plague lands south.

    You might recall I used the City of Calishem, in my January challenge, it will be the same city.

    Though cities and towns dot the eastern shore of Qashya Mal, to the west is a sea of grass and only the carthouse towns and steppeland yurt villages exist and they are never at the same location for more than a few weeks, except during the harsh winters of course.

    On the narrow spit of land between the Sea of Qashya and the southern lakes a wall has been erected and a watch prevents access to and from the plague lands to the south.

    The Khanate of Qashya Mal has an eastern capital on Lake Kaikha, on the northwestern edge of area 27 on the world map (areas 9,10, 27 and to its east is all part of the Khanate.)

    Despite being part of the Khanate, this is still considered southwestern Brinsmerd.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Gamerprinter View Post
    (Admin, please change my post title to [Region 9] instead of 1)
    Not sure how everyone else feels about it, but in the documentation I've been keeping, I've been referring to the different maps as Region 1, Map 9 (or whatever number your map is).

    I'm not sure that it matters how it's done, but it'd sure be handy if it were done uniformly, just for referencing issues.


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    Post More cultural information...

    Calishem is the western capital of the Khanate of Qashya Mal on the Inland Sea of Qashya, southwestern Berimerd.

    Nobudai Xho is the Topaz Khan, master of the Turgan Horde who dwells at his eastern capital of Kaikha, on Lake Kaikha (1300 miles east), protected by his 100,000 horseman army. His nephew, Gendai Xho is the western governor stationed at Calishem. Gendai is less the horseman and more a bureaucrat with mercantile interests, thus his appropriate station by the khan. 5,000 Turgan warriors are stationed 70 miles east of the city at the fortress of Kaikaar (Steppes End).

    Calishem has a population of 46,580 making it one of the largest urban centers in the Near East. Home to Turgan traders, arabic merchant princes, citizens from the Chin Qai Empire and other lands far to the exotic east, as well as western traders, and a large slavic working and slave class of people. The indigenous population on the eastern shore of Qashya are the slavs.
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    You know that there is a Calimshan in forgotten realms ?

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    Post Yes...

    Yes, but I've never liked the name Calimshan, actually Calishem has a nicer ring to it. "Shan" has a distinctly chinese sound it it, that didn't seem to belong to a middle eastern location, as in the F.R. domain. "Shem" has a much more middle eastern sound in my opinion.

    I've always wanted to develope a culture, map and setting based on a near eastern capital of Calishem. Now I can take this idea off the shelf and use it for that very purpose, so I will insert it in this world.
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