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    Post [Region 1][Map 09] - Khanate of Qashya Mal

    No map yet, just getting a feel for names and cultures.

    Khanate of Qashya Mal - City of Calishem on the Sea of Qashya
    The Khanate of Qashya Mal is the most recent horde of the steppes to conquer the Spice Road between east and west, holding the old trade capital of Calishem, the Jewel of the Khanate, at the western end of the route on the Sea of Qashya. The prosperity of the cosmopolitan city has increased as southerly routes of the Spice Road, have been cutoff by the plague lands south.

    You might recall I used the City of Calishem, in my January challenge, it will be the same city.

    Though cities and towns dot the eastern shore of Qashya Mal, to the west is a sea of grass and only the carthouse towns and steppeland yurt villages exist and they are never at the same location for more than a few weeks, except during the harsh winters of course.

    On the narrow spit of land between the Sea of Qashya and the southern lakes a wall has been erected and a watch prevents access to and from the plague lands to the south.

    The Khanate of Qashya Mal has an eastern capital on Lake Kaikha, on the northwestern edge of area 27 on the world map (areas 9,10, 27 and to its east is all part of the Khanate.)

    Despite being part of the Khanate, this is still considered southwestern Brinsmerd.
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