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Thread: The Empire of Luros

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    Map The Empire of Luros

    Haven't been on to the Guild in Forever, but here's a map that I've been working on for a while. 'Tis my first map, but I'm proud of it. Since there's always something that I will tweak, this is probably not the final version. Critique is more than welcome! It can be viewed on DevientArt Here.
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    I like it. Good mountain symbols. What's the font?
    The mountain ranges give the impression of a very large area with - at the moment - very large empty areas. But as you said, it's not final. So I would add hills, rivers etc to breath more life into it.

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    Do you think it's a font? It strikes me as hand-lettered black-letter, scanned and imported into the map. If it's hand-lettered: well done indeed! I would, however, recommend you tweak the labels a bit, since many seem to slope upwards towards the right a bit (a common problem with hand-lettering - I get it too).

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    I like the mountain-symbols, in general. But IIRC your continent is pretty huge (didn't you do an overlay of europe or something similar over your map to show the scale?!) and for that scale i think the mountains are to big...i'd shrink the mountain-symbols by a big margin to indicate the scale of your continent.
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    My hand lettering goes all over the place unless I pencil in a baseline first They look hand-lettered to me too; if it is a font it's a very good facsimile of hand lettering!

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